The Public Procurement Agency is the central institution responsible for the smooth running of the public procurement system, verifying the implementation of public procurement procedures, public auctions, concessions / public-private partnerships. Every procurement procedure in the Electronic System of the Public Procurement Agency, and every economic operator that seeks to participate in a procurement procedure must participate under this system.
Shehu & Partners undertakes the daily control and recording in the electronic system of the PPA, in which the procurement procedures are announced by the Contracting Authorities.

Price: €150/month

Focus on the procurement procedure in which the Economic Operator (e.g. construction company, private physical security company, etc.) has an interest in applying. Study and preparation of documents required by the Contracting Authority for participation in the tender. This process is performed by the staff of Shehu & Partners in cooperation with the interested Economic Operator.

Price: €200

To use the Electronic Procurement System (EPS) the Economic Operator must be registered with a user account, to access the system. The submission of the bid and the documents prepared in the PPA system with the aim of participating in the given tender, is done by the staff of Shehu & Partners.

Price: €80

Continuous control of the procurement procedure in which we participated, as it can be suspended, canceled and re-thrown or continue in its normal course by announcing the classification of economic operators.
This stage must be followed very carefully as the deadlines for appeal must be respected. Non-observance of which results in the continuation of work to win the relevant tender. This procedure is followed with full responsibility by the staff of Shehu & Partners.

Price: €50

The complaint to the Contracting Authority consists of two moments:
First – after the announcement of the procurement procedure and after we are familiar with the application criteria we can appeal the criteria which we consider discriminatory and not in accordance with the relevant legislation.
Secondly, after the announcement of the classification of the tender participants, we can complain about our unjustified disqualification or the qualification of other operators if we assess that their qualification is not in accordance with the law.

Price: €200

Every Economic Operator has the right to submit complaints regarding the procurement procedures, which are in process by the Contracting Authorities, regarding the qualification criteria of the tender documents or the bid evaluation process by the Bid Evaluation Commission. The law defines the Public Procurement Commission as the competent body for reviewing complaints. The preparation of the appeal and the follow-up of the appeal procedure until the decision-making of the CPC, is done by Shehu & Partners.

Price: €400

Any decision of the Public Procurement Agency and the Public Procurement Commission may be challenged in court before the competent Administrative Court.
Shehu & Partners has a long and consolidated experience in judicial representation against the PPA and the CPC, and undertakes prosecution and representation at all levels of the judicial system.

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