Foreign nationals who intend to stay in the Albanian territory for study, work, family matters or other reasons defined by law, before visa expiration, must apply for a residence permit which is a temporary permit, defined and renewable permits. This type of application, in addition to completing the prescribed forms, also requires the submission of a series of legal documents, for which Shehu & Partners is committed to assisting interested persons.

Price: €250

The right to acquire Albanian citizenship by origin is provided in Article 6 of the Law “On Citizenship”. This is a right, as provided by law, which belongs to all individuals whose ancestors in a straight line up to the third degree had or have Albanian citizenship. Albanian legislation gives the opportunity to these foreign nationals to prove their origin not only through civil status acts, but also judicially, through court decisions.

Price: €1000

All foreign citizens have the right to obtain Albanian citizenship, if they apply, have resided for an uninterrupted period of 7 years, and meet all legal requirements. This right is also recognized to foreigners who have been married to Albanian citizens for a period of not less than 3 years.

Price: €500

Thanks to the knowledge of the practices and procedures of the jurisdictions of different countries of the European Union, Shehu & Partners has created a successful memory in following the practices of entry bans, deportations, and deportations from European member states of the Schengen Agreement.

Price: €80

All foreigners to enable their stay in the Republic of Albania must apply and be provided with a visa, to enable the stay and/or obtain a residence permit.

Price: €400

In the implementation of the law on foreigners and the legislation that regulates labor relations as whole, foreigners in order to exercise their right to work in Albania must be provided with a work permit. Obtaining a work permit is a prerequisite for further application for a residence permit.

Price: €250