We are committed to delivering top quality legal services not limited to our practice area, excellent industry insight and in-depth knowledge of the Albanian market. We invest significant resources in understanding the clients’ business and their strategic objectives.
This, combined with a dedication to professional integrity, is one of the fundamental factors that defines the firm’s strength and reputation. Apart from this, our long experience gave us the possibility to build and offer not only legal services but also legal products. Tailed and well-constructed, complex and specific legal services are assembled and presented to our clients as an all into fixed price legal product. But at the end, Shehu & Partners remains a Law Firm that covers a wide range on legal services.


For all works described in Article 6 of the Decision of the Council of Ministers 408/2015 as amended, the issuance of a construction permit is not required, but any interested party must apply and declare these works. In this case, the Administrative Unit shows the will by authorizing these works, for such works no application is required on the eAlbania portal.

Price: €150

It is those works that bring change to the characteristics, color and existing shape of the building. Such works are provided in Article 7 of the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 408/2015 amended.

Price: €150

According to the definition of article 9 of the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 408/2015 as amended, each interested entity has the right to apply to determine the land use criteria at the unit level. This permit determines the utilization coefficients, maximum height, width, distance, intensity and public space, etc.

Price: €300


Trademark is one of the main identifying elements for a commercial entity that conducts business activities of any kind, especially for those entities that operate in the field of trade and services.
Shehu & Partners with a group of dedicated and professional legal experts provides you with legal advice, legal representation and assistance in practices related to the registration and protection of your business trademark, which include the following:
• Consulting and assistance in creating your electronic logo that will serve as the trademark of your business.
• Prepare the necessary legal documentation for the national registration of your trademark.
• Legal representation before the competent state bodies for the registration and protection of trademarks, until the issuance of the trademark certificate.
The duration of this service ranges from 6 to 7 months and the applicant obtains a certificate with the right of ownership over the brand for a period of 10 years with the right of renewal every 10 years, for life.

Price: €200

Through this service, the owners of Albanian trademarks are given the opportunity to perform international registration of their trademark in other member states of the Madrid Agreement and Protocol. Any individual, natural or legal person who has filed a national application or registered a trademark, can seek trademark protection in several countries of the world chosen by him and at the end of the procedure the applicant ensures the registration and protection of his trademark in different countries of the world. The application is made to the General Directorate of Industrial Property (GDIP), against the payment of a certain fee. Shehu & Partners has a consolidated experience in registering international brands for its customers. The duration of this service ranges from 2 to 6 months and the applicant obtains a certificate valid for 10 years from the date of international deposit.

Price: €300

The registration of the patent is done at the General Directorate of Industrial Property (GDIP), through the application and a variety of documents, and are reviewed by this directorate within 3 months the date of submission of the application. The types of applications that can be performed in this service are:
• application for national patent registration for an invention;
• application for national registration of patent for invention according to TBP;
• application for a European patent;
• application for extension of the European patent application;
• application for European patent validity;
• application for validity of the European patent application;
• application for conversion of a European patent application into a national patent application.

Price: €500


Foreign nationals who intend to stay in the Albanian territory for study, work, family matters or other reasons defined by law, before visa expiration, must apply for a residence permit which is a temporary permit, defined and renewable permits. This type of application, in addition to completing the prescribed forms, also requires the submission of a series of legal documents, for which Shehu & Partners is committed to assisting interested persons.

Price: €250

The right to acquire Albanian citizenship by origin is provided in Article 6 of the Law “On Citizenship”. This is a right, as provided by law, which belongs to all individuals whose ancestors in a straight line up to the third degree had or have Albanian citizenship. Albanian legislation gives the opportunity to these foreign nationals to prove their origin not only through civil status acts, but also judicially, through court decisions.

Price: €1000

All foreign citizens have the right to obtain Albanian citizenship, if they apply, have resided for an uninterrupted period of 7 years, and meet all legal requirements. This right is also recognized to foreigners who have been married to Albanian citizens for a period of not less than 3 years.

Price: €500


The Public Procurement Agency is the central institution responsible for the smooth running of the public procurement system, verifying the implementation of public procurement procedures, public auctions, concessions / public-private partnerships. Every procurement procedure in the Electronic System of the Public Procurement Agency, and every economic operator that seeks to participate in a procurement procedure must participate under this system.
Shehu & Partners undertakes the daily control and recording in the electronic system of the PPA, in which the procurement procedures are announced by the Contracting Authorities.

Price: €150/month

Focus on the procurement procedure in which the Economic Operator (e.g. construction company, private physical security company, etc.) has an interest in applying. Study and preparation of documents required by the Contracting Authority for participation in the tender. This process is performed by the staff of Shehu & Partners in cooperation with the interested Economic Operator.

Price: €200

To use the Electronic Procurement System (EPS) the Economic Operator must be registered with a user account, to access the system. The submission of the bid and the documents prepared in the PPA system with the aim of participating in the given tender, is done by the staff of Shehu & Partners.

Price: €80


All entities that exercise economic / commercial activity in the Republic of Albania and carry the obligation for registration, according to law, must be registered in the commercial register.
The legislation defines the registration obligation for the following entities:
• Sole Entrepreneur;
• Joint Ventures;
• Companies;
1. Unlimited Partnership,
2. Limited Partnerships,
3. Limited Liability Company,
4. Joint Stock Company,
• Branches of foreign companies;
• Representative Offices of Albanian and foreign companies;
• Savings and Credit Unions;
• Mutual Cooperation Companies;
• Agricultural Cooperation Companies.
Shehu & Partners undertakes the drafting of acts (Statute, Act of Incorporation, Partners Decision, Power of Attorney, etc.), the completion of the Application at the National Business Center and the final registration of the commercial entity.

Price: €150

Every new commercial entity, 15 days from the moment of registration at the National Business Center, after being provided with NUIS- has the legal obligation to register its activity as a business near the respective Municipality, the relevant Directorate of Local Taxes and Tariffs

Price: €100

Entities registered according to Law no. 9723, dated 3.5.2007 “On the National Registration Center”, are provided with a unique identification number (NUIS) generated electronically. The registration in the commercial register also constitutes their simultaneous registration with the tax administration, central and local, in the social and health insurance scheme and with the labor inspectorate.
Immediately after the initial registration at the National Business Center:
a. The account is opened and registered on the website of the General Directorate of Taxes;
b. The administrator is registered in the payroll section of the electronic personal account on the GDT website;
c. Equipping with block of tax invoices with VAT, tax receipts and invoices accompanying the goods;
d. Within 15 days from the date of registration you must be provided with the fiscal cash register at authorized companies.
The above procedures are performed by Economists / Accounting Studios and this service is performed by Shehu & Partners in cooperation with them.

Price: €150


Business Operators, whose activity causes pollution to the environment, are licensed and provided with the relevant environmental permit, where are defined the necessary conditions to ensure that the activity / installation will meet the requirements of applicable environmental legislation. The issuance of environmental permits is determined according to a system consisting of 3 levels (type A, B permits and type C permits), based on the size and type of activity that needs to be equipped with a permit, as well as the possibility that the activity has to cause pollution to the extent that it may cause damage to the environment and endanger human, animal and plant health. Licensed entities that perform activities such as collection, transportation, storage, recycling, processing or disposal of waste of various types, etc., are required to obtain a license for their activity. “Shehu & Partners” undertakes the preparation, drafting, collection of documentation and final application until the licensing of the represented entity.

Price: $400

Environmental Impact Assessment is an assessment process which is required for the provision and high protection of the environment and sustainable development, through the inclusion of environmental issues in the design and approval of the development of a project with potential negative consequences on the environment by each Business Operator. “Shehu & Partners” provides this service in cooperation with the “Environmental Monitoring Center”. The required and ordered ratings are:
• In-depth Environmental Impact Assessment-Notice;
• In-depth Environmental Impact Assessment for Environmental Statement;
• Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment;
• Transfer of the preliminary EIA Decision to the NEA;
• Transfer of the environmental statement to MTM.

Price: $400

Activities of expertise and / or professional services related to environmental impact must be licensed. Business Operators who are provided with environmental permits, and carry out activities such as transportation, storage, recycling, processing or disposal of waste of various types, must be provided with a Category III.2.B License. This type of application, in addition to completing the prescribed forms, also requires the submission of series of legal documents, for which “Shehu & Partners” is committed to assisting interested persons.

Price: $400