Shehu & Partners provides qualitative services in the field of tax accounting and tax counseling. Our accountant experts, thanks to their long experience and analytical skills, guarantee comprehensive services in the pursuit of tax and financial practices as well as in the progress of positive relationships with tax authorities. Given the impact that tax liabilities may have on profit of a company, we build the most appropriate strategy to ensure fair taxation. Through the counseling and representation that the firm carries out for its clients, the most efficient schemes for settlement of local taxes, taxes, excises and tariffs, as well as the avoidance of double taxation are built.

Shehu & Partners believes that the best solution to a problem is it prevention. Therefore our staff is committed to following up tax and customs legislation updates. The firm has a long experience in administrative and judicial representation as well as in advising our clients to increase financial performance by providing services to the following areas:

  • Financial Planning,
  • Fair Taxation and Calculation of Fiscal Duties:
    • VAT,
    • Earning Tax,
    • Tax at source,
    • Personal Income Tax,
    • Contributions to Social & Health Insurance,
    • Excise,
    • Local Tax & Fee (Table Tax, Cleaning, Greenery, School Infrastructure).
  • Business Activity Advice (start-ups and new initiatives).