Due Diligence


Before conducting various business transactions, each investor is required to have a due diligence report in order to evaluate all the legal and technical aspects of the transaction in question and the risks associated with it.

This report does not solely intend to represent the current state of all legal aspects related to entrepreneurship, but it is also an effective instrument used to identify existing or potential problems, to conduct a business-related risk assessment and ensure risk management on a contractual basis.

The due diligence report is a prerequisite for the investor so he can conduct a well-planned investment venture. Therefore, Shehu & Partners attaches great importance to due diligence reports, which are prepared by a team of qualified experts.

Due diligence is required to ensure that your business is protected from bad debts, contractual relationships, and other issues related to the transaction being carried out. Shehu & Partners assists you with the due diligence as follows, but not limited to:

  • Analyzing the value of the intended transaction.
  • Drafting legal agreements.
  • Identifying any existing or potential problems.
  • Providing adequate legal advice after the conducted research.