Instruction no. 9, dated 26.02.2021 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Finance and Economy “On the criteria, procedures and manner of administration of the program fund for Agriculture and Rural Development”.

Instruction no. 9, dated 26.02.2021 was published in the Official Gazette no. 42, dated 17.03.2021, and enters into force immediately.

Based on the above instruction, the procedures and criteria are defined that enable all farmers in the Republic of Albania to apply online for the funds of the National Support Scheme, as a way to gain financial support.

Online process of farmers application from the e-Albania portal, to benefit from the scheme support with 0 documents, will be carried based on self-declaration by the applicant for the data required by the “Application Form“.

Application for support schemes will be done on-line for the following measures:

  1. For matriculated base batch;
  2. Beekeeping;
  3. Replacement of thermal plastic for greenhouses;
  4. Planting of medicinal and aromatic plants;
  5. Organic farms;
  6. Implementation and certification Global GAP;
  7. Support for olive processing lines/machinery/equipment, standardization and labeling;
  8. Support for the establishment or reconstruction of facilities for rural tourism activities;
  9. Support for investments in agritourism.

Applications can be made from March 24, 2021, 08:00 to April 15, 2021.