If you are well known for your scientific, artistic, cultural, educational or sports activity and you want to obtain Albanian citizenship, the opportunities are already great, and can be realized.

Pursuant to law no. 113/2020 “On Citizenship” article 9, the Council of Ministers in March and April 2022 has approved two important decisions for the acquisition of citizenship by foreigners when the Albanian state has an interest in the field of culture, art, education, science and sports.

These two decisions define the criteria to be met, the necessary documentation and the procedural steps that will be followed by the interested party and the Agency for Drafting Special Citizenship Programs (AHPVSH) under the Ministry of Interior, for review and evaluation of applications for the acquisition of Albanian citizenship by foreign nationals who contribute in these areas.

The commitment of the Albanian State is to determine the criteria for gaining citizenship for those individuals to whom the Albanian state will have an interest and who have contributions in the field of economy.

Giving way to these procedures for gaining citizenship is a good opportunity for all those foreigners who see Albania as a potential to fulfill their interests and aspirations.

Shehu & Parners is familiar and fully acquainted with these practices. We also have a long experience both administratively and judicially regarding the citizenship and rights of foreigners.

We would be happy to advise and represent all those individuals who stand out in the areas mentioned above who want to be Albanian citizens.