Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 142, dated 10.03.2021On determining the criteria for the beneficiaries of the program for the development of the area, for the purpose of housing, the manner of providing their housing, the form of transfer of ownership for quotas set for social housing by builders or owners, for housing the beneficiaries who have been displaced by them ”.

Decision no. 142, dated 10.03.2021 is published in the Official Gazette no. 43, dated 18.03.2021, and entered into force immediately.

The purpose of the above decision is to determine:

  1. criteria for beneficiaries of the area development program, for the housing purpose;
  2. the manner of providing housing to the beneficiaries during the period of construction of social housing;
  3. transfering form of ownership for housing quotas set for social housing or owners, in order to house the beneficiaries who have been displaced by them.

This decision has defined the cases when an area is developed for the housing purpose, giving the opportunity to Local Government Units as land owners but also private owners to enter into cooperation agreements with private investors, in order to build social housing.