Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 209, dated 29.03.2021On the approval of the agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the Republic of Italy, on the mutual recognition of driving licenses for conversion”.

Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 209, dated 29.03.2021 is published in the Official Gazette no. 49, dated 29.03.2021, and has entered into force with the publication in the official gazette.

According to the above agreement, the parties mutually recognize, for conversion purposes, the non-temporary driving licenses and within the validity period, issued by the competent authorities of the other Party, in favor of the holders of driving licenses who take up residence in their territory. The parties do not recognize the temporary driving licenses and cannot issue, for conversion, temporary driving licenses.

The holder of a driving license issued by the Authorities of one of the Parties, who establishes the residence in the territory of the other Party, may convert his driving license without the need to conduct theoretical and practical tests.