About our Successes


It started as an idea and manifested in reality! Our firm has evolved from a legal office to a consulting firm bringing under a roof, experts from various fields of law, procurement, finance and accounting, real estate, management and information technology.
Our goal is to stand as one of the leading consultancy firms in Albania and a benchmark for professionalism and efficiency for our international partners.
We believe that our most valuable assets are the professionals that make up Shehu & Partners, which is the reason why we have developed a wide network of experts and make sure that the right people are doing the right job. Our commitment is to continue to provide high quality services with the utmost dedication to our clients.
Our team is ready to meet client’s needs as well as to keep the given promise!

Innovative Consultancy

Our clients rely on the firm’s ability to find innovative solutions to complex business and entrepreneurial issues.

Experience In Dispute Resolution

Experts and lawyers use the firm’s resources and experience to cope with any problems and challenges clients have.

Affordable Fees

Optimal-sized teams, access to solutions, and in-depth experience are guarantee for cost-effective services.


Experts and attorneys are committed to helping clients to implement their business strategy.


Shehu & Partners was founded by Lawyer Isuf Shehu and has worked diligently to provide her clients, whether businesses or individuals, with the right solution. Shehu & Partners’ services have been updated with best management practices to provide optimal service.
The firm is run by a professional and motivated team of lawyers and experts in a variety of fields who enjoy a broad and rich work experience while delivering a perfect synergy based on a common effort to respond to each client’s needs. The firm has accomplished its goal, thanks to its approach to sustainable and innovative solutions; structuring into optimal-sized teams that deliver cost-effective, high-quality services, and the ability to build lasting, long-term relationships with clients.
Experts and lawyers possess high expertise and professionalism, and have the priority of effective and sustainable resolution of any situation. They have served the largest Albanian and international companies during the significant period of their growth in Albania. This makes their experience a valuable asset and a guarantee of every expectation on the part of clients.
Shehu & Partners has a partnership and cooperates with a range of service companies operating in the Albanian and international markets, ensuring full coverage of all areas of business and entrepreneurship. But most of all, Shehu & Partners remains an extremely flexible law and legal firm in many respects, precisely because of the intention to respond to any kind of demand or need for affordable legal services by making it a valuable window of the law for all interested subjects.

Founding Partner of Shehu & Partners

Our Vision

Shehu & Partners is committed to helping clients achieve their business strategies and providing outstanding legal counseling. Our principal goal is simple; we strive to offer the best legal services available in Albania. We aim to become an instrumental part in our clients’ success by combining our resources and sector expertise to ensure successful transactions in different markets and regions. Our firm seeks long-term, partnering relationships with clients, to the end of providing the best solution for legal needs.

Our Mission

Clients depend on the firm’s ability to find innovative solutions to complex business issues, and our lawyers use the firm’s experience and resources to help clients handle these challenges. Our business platform is comprised of a single, integrated partnership focused on providing the most collaborative approach to client service.
The firm offers: