Shehu and Partners

It started as an idea and manifested in reality! Our firm has evolved from a legal office to a consulting firm bringing under a roof, experts from various fields of law, procurement, finance and accounting, real estate, management and information technology.
Our goal is to stand as one of the leading consultancy firms in Albania and a benchmark for professionalism and efficiency for our international partners.
We believe that our most valuable assets are the professionals that make up Shehu & Partners, which is the reason why we have developed a wide network of experts and make sure that the right people are doing the right job. Our commitment is to continue to provide high quality services with the utmost dedication to our clients.
Our team is ready to meet client’s needs as well as to keep the given promise!

Att. Isuf Shehu

Founding Partners of Shehu & Partners
Av. Isuf Shehu

Practice Areas

A tradition of excellence in legal and consulting services

Criminal Defense

In the last five years, the Firm has excelled in representing its clients in criminal matters.

Infrastructure & Construction

Our firm’s lawyers are highly experienced in the pursuance of legal issues in the field of infrastructure.


Some of the matters that Shehu & Partners manages are related to public and private transportation.

Free movement and immigration

Our firm possesses the necessary skills and experience in matters of domestic and foreign jurisdiction. We constantly help our clients on all matters related to immigration laws and the law "On Foreigners"

Contracts & Agreements

We pays great attention to the contractual relationships in which our clients become part.Our consultancy in this area is a specific category of assistance we provide.

Litigation & Arbitration

15 years of experience in litigation and dealing with over 100 legal practices each year are evidence of the great trust of our clients have in us.

Real Estate

We provide a comprehensive range of services for our clients operating in the real estate market and infrastructure. Our experts possess a unique experience in property issues.

Public Procurement

Public procurement is an area that requires deep knowledge and dedication to detail, so we have created a special structure for it.

Due Diligence

Prior to conducting various business transactions, we submit to our clients a detailed due diligence report on the legal and financial aspects of these transactions.



Thanks to their precious experience, Shehu & Partners experts offer the most appropriate solution for your legal issues.

Att. Isuf Shehu

“People do not win people fights. Lawyers do.”

ATT. Arnold Neziri

“I’m a lawyer. I go for due process; i go for fairness and equity- these values mean a lot to me.”

Av. Oltion Vathaj

“The opening of a School means closing a Prison”

Att. Klaida Muçaj

“Law protects everyone who has a good lawyer”

15 years of experience in various fields of law

An excellent experience full of dedication and professionalism, rewarded with the confidence of hundreds of our Firm's clients.

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Why Shehu & Partners?

Experience – Integrity – Results

Innovative Consultancy
Our clients rely on the firm's ability to find innovative solutions to complex business and entrepreneurial issues.
Experience in Dispute Resolution
15 years of experience as a Law Firm with a success margin of 83% of the cases.
Affordable Fees
Optimal-sized teams, access to solutions, and in-depth experience are guarantee for cost-effective services.
Experts and attorneys are committed to helping clients to implement their business strategy.

Pro-Bono Consultancy

Based on our vast expertise we help you in finding solutions for your legal issues.

Shehu and Partners

Our Firm’s goal is becoming a reference point for the best consulting services in Albania.

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